Qurrat Ann Kadwani


Private Coaching – By the Hour   (In person, phone or skype) 

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Monologue Prep:  How to play every character in a 2 minute monologue! 

     – Monologue selection: we will talk about who you really are in order to pick the best monolgue for you!

     – Script analysis:  we will go over the best script analysis technique! 

     – Extreme objective setting:  we will talk about why this is the most important 2 minutes for your character!

     – Emotional Life: we will discuss ways in which you can connect to the emotions your character is having!

     – Technique:  we will make sure you show the auditioner your entire acting ability in 2 minutes!

Audition Prep: How to quickly and effectively break down sides

     – Scene analysis: we will discuss the strongest objective 

     – Imagination Technique: often you dont receive the entire script.  We will create a world

     – On Camera technique: we will go over how you can control the camera and the space

Business of Acting:

     – Social Media Plan

     – Your acting career Business Plan

     – Headshot / Resume 

     – Classes You Need

     – Reel Creation – Specific film reel made for you! 

     – The art of submissions

     – Time management